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Tips for smoking Meats

Sara’s Thanksgiving Cocktails

Sara’s Thanksgiving Cocktails Kilgore Stout 1.5oz Rittenhouse Rye, 0.5oz China-China Amer, 0.25oz Pimento Dram, 0.75oz Stout Syrup, Top with Coffee & vanilla whip Garnish with

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Holiday Guide

Reserve Your Order Thanksgiving Specials We have Thanksgiving specials through the month of November! Order pre-smoked or raw turkey’s to enjoy on thanksgiving day. We

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Forbes Recommended BBQ Sandwich

Smoked Bologna Sandwich

The Bologna Sandwich trend Bologna sandwiches are everything right now! Just ask Food & Wine. Their new feature on fried bologna sandwiches reminds adults that

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frying pan with cooking pork

Pork Steak Recipe

Pork Steaks These steaks are cut directly from the pork shoulder and require slow and low LONG COOKS tobreak down the collagen and render the

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