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get smoked

We’re not just smoking the competition, we’re smoking everything we can get our hands on. From meats, to whiskey to marij…well, we’ll leave it there. 


Our smoker, we call him Cletus, is a big ole boy sitting right around 2,500 pounds. He’s made from an old air tank that was from an archery factory in Walla, Walla. We gave him a hell of a makeover and now he’s the star of the Lady Jaye show. Cletus smokes our meats with Applewood that we get from a local orchid farmer. Applewood burns longer and slower to give it a mellow smoked flavor. 

the staples

Choose 1 from our staple menu OR our daily specials


Maple Glaze, house pickles, mustard BBQ, side white bread

Smoked Bologna Sandwich

House smoked bologna, dill pickle slaw, potato chip, spicy mustard, white bread bun

Prime Bulgogi Short Rib Melt

Prime bulgogi short rib melt with pickled radish & carrots, spicy mayo, brioche roll

Cornmeal-Old Bay Crusted Fried White Prawns

1/2 dozen large white prawns in our house crispy cornmeal dredge, served with dill tartar

the daily smokeshow


Pork Cutlet Torta - Pork Cutlet, House Loin Ham, Smashed Avocado, Cotija, Iceberg, Tomato, Telera Roll


smoked cheeseburger - Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, Rocket sauce
(on side)


Pure Country brisket pot roast - horseradish cream + biscuit ($37.99)


Smoked Tomahawk Pork Chop -
House BBQ + Biscuit


Smoked Delmonico Cheesesteak - Smoked 21 day dry age Delmonico steak with house cheese whiz, tallow onions

the sidekick's

Choose 3

Smoked Jalapeno Kale Caesar

garlic croutons, grana, carrots and cabbage

10 Vegetable Vinegar Slaw

whole grain mustard and honey

Tomato & watermelon salad

tomato, watermelon, parsley, chive, basil, Feta, mama lil's pepper puree

Shoe String Fries

w/ Vinegar & Dill

Baked Odds & Ends Black Eyed Peas

with all the smoker bits, pieces, debris and deliciousness (NOT VEG)

Yukon Gold Horseradish Potato Salad

w/ loads of herbs and cider vinegar

Fried Shishito Peppers

smokey yogurt sauce

the temptress

Choose your own adventure

G. Rye Joe

rittenhouse rye, meletti amaro, fernet branca, orange bitters

Smoked Old Fashioned

smoked dickel rye, demerara, orange and angostura bitters

Guns N' Rosemary

gin, aperol, cynar, rosemary, lemon, grapefruit, rosemary salted rim

Straw-barry Manilow

arrette tequila, lustau vermut rosado, fino sherry, strawberry-chiltepin pepper, orange bitters

ginja turtle

arrete tequila blanco, Los Vecinos mezcal espadin, fino sherry, strega, ginger, lime, mint


plantation 3 star rum, lustau fino sherry, pistachio orgeat, fresh thyme,, lime, oJ

bourbon crusta

old forester bourbon, cointreau, lemon, absinthe

No world for Amaro

buffalo trace bourbon, ramazotti amaro, rhubarb bitters

aztec manhattan

rittenhouse rye, cocchi di torino vermouth, house chipotle bitters


arrete tequila blanco, lime, basil-honey, fresh watermelon