meat the masters

we’re not just a restaurant, we’re an experience

Anthony Bourdain meets Clint Eastwood — cool, bold, badass — that is the epic combination that encompasses what Lady Jaye is all about. We’re not just a restaurant, we’re an experience. Our purpose is to serve up the best two hours of your week with incredible food and world class cocktails that will blow your mind, without blowing your wallet. Consistently good sh*t and service is our M.O. so stop on by to experience one of the best patio dining experiences in West Seattle.

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sara lady jaye

The master of mixology

For Sara, bartending was just a school job but the more she learned the more excited she got until she fell in love with it and decided to make it a career. Prior to being the badass bartender at Lady Jaye, Sarah was hired to design the entire bar program at Radiator Whiskey. If Sarah could be any cocktail it would be Sazerac because it’s both simple and delicious.


evan carter lady jaye

The Entrepreneur

Described as energetic, positive and tenacious, Evan is the business, marketing and numbers guy behind the Lady Jaye operation. Being the jack of all trades that he is, Evan  left the entertainment world to pursue his passion in the food industry. If Evan were to be a book it would be called The Power of Perspective where he would talk about why Jeff Bezos hasn’t figured out how to solve world hunger yet. 


tyler lady jaye

the artist

Talkative, organized & a great mouthpiece. Tyler is passionate about butchery & is often featured as the star of the Lady Jaye Instagram account. In a former life, Tyler was also the Co-Head Chef of a meat focused restaurant in Seattle where he met the rest of the Lady Jaye family. When asked what cut of meat he would be and why, Tyler said Oxtail “Cuz I’d never run out of things to do. And I f***** hate flies.” 


charlie lady jaye

The Master of Meat

Many would describe Charlie as efficient & sorta grumpy, but not. However, the word that may best describe Charlie is determined. He’s the ultimate master of meat and is determined to cook up the best dinner with the finest ingredients. Charlie is always thinking of creative ways to incorporate the whole animal in the menu so nothing goes to waste. His favorite things to cook are duck and pork cheeks. If he could be any cut of meat it would be the Tri Tip or Bavette. Don’t ask why, that’s just what he’s f***** feeling, ok.