Seattle's Best Meat Box for pick up or delivery

The Lady Jaye monthly meat box subscription includes ethically raised and locally sourced meats from Pacific Northwest farmers. We curate each box with a variety of meats and specialize in cooking sustainably using the entire animal.


Subscribe to our monthly meat box, we make it easy! Our top tier chefs choose premium quality meats from our selection each month. We charge your card automatically, and schedule for pickup in West Seattle or delivery within Seattle proper. 



Standard Box

Our Standard Box ($109), featuring a curated medley of rotating hand-selected seasonal items below, with enough for 2-3 meals per month.


Premium Box

Our Premium Box ($185), featuring a curated medley of rotating hand-selected seasonal items below, with enough for 5-6 meals per month.

Butcher Box Items
May include:

  • Whole Pasturebird Chicken and 2 lbs.

  • Dry-Aged Ground Beef

  • 1lb. Jack Mountain Bacon

  • A Dozen Local Pastured Eggs

  • 1.5 lbs. Chef’s Feature Steak

  • 2 Portions House-Smoked Meat

  • 1.5 lbs Pasture-Raised Pork

  • 1 (8oz) Jar Spice Rub

  • 1 (8oz) Meat Accoutrement

  • 1 House Recipe

Optional Add-on:

  • Bottled Cocktail Pairing for 2 — (+$30) (Diamond Cutter, Aztec Manhattan, Guns N Rosemary)

  • Wine Pairing for 2 — (+$30)

  • Both Wine and Bottled Cocktail — (+$59)

Seattle Butcher Box Subscription
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Meat Box FAQ:

Can I pause or cancel my butcher box subscription if I go on vacation?

Yes, you can login to your account and pause or cancel with one click at any time.


Can I have my butcher box delivered?

Yes, for and extra $15 we can deliver your subscription box within Seattle proper. 


Who is the Seattle butcher box subscription for?

It’s for you! Seattle foodies, steak lovers, and hard core carnivores are going to love the selection of our premium meats. If you live in West Seattle we would love to be your local butcher shop in the Seattle area.


How many meals a month can a family of 2 eat from the butcher box subscription?

Our standard box of meats will serve 2-3 meals per month and our premium box of meats will serve 5-6 meals per month.


How long does the meat last in your refrigerator? 

7-8 days in your fridge.


Can I freeze my meat?

You are able to freeze everything but we don’t recommend freezing the chicken? 


How do I cancel my butcher box?

Login to your account and quit at any time.


When will I be charged for the subscription box?

Your card will be charged 30 days after you sign up. 


Can I choose the selection in the butcher box?

Unfortunately, we are not able to make changes to the selection. We carefully curate our selections each month with our farmers in mind and sustainably. We use premium cuts from our weekly rotating menu at the restaurant. 


Can I request something to be added to the box?

We love recommendations and requests! Email with what you would like to see in the box and if we can source it locally at high quality, we can make it happen! 


What is Table22?

Table22 is our secure payment platform that helps us automate and keep track of our subscription program.