Butcher shop -
Specialty Steaks & Smoked Meats

open 10:00am Wed-Sun

Our meat shop is the newest addition to the team.  She was born in the midst of the pandemic after we ordered a bunch of wagyu beef and had a meat market out of our front garage door window. People showed up in flocks and we sold out in a few hours.

We decided to get serious about the meat shop after realizing how many meat enthusiasts we could cater to. We focus on bringing in specialty steaks such as F1 Cross wagyu beef, Japanese A5 wagyu beef as well as our Prime beef from Pure Country Farms only 180 miles away from the restaurant.

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Seattle butcher box subscription

We carry premium steaks, ribs, accouterments  and more! Our Butcher Shop in West Seattle is open starting at 11am. Come by to browse or call ahead to make sure what you are looking for is available in the meat store. Enjoy!

Meat the shop

We’re redefining what it means to source our ingredients locally and sustainably. All of our meats are raised and harvested on a single farm in the PNW (Pure Country) by 3rd generation farmers and so there is full traceability. The cattle is raised on grass, finished on local barley & dry aged for 21 days. Lady Jaye isn’t just selling Hollywood cuts either. We’re utilizing every cut from our Wagyu phat dessert & Wagyu fat doggie treats to our bone broths. Full transparency, full sustainability & fully local. This is what your grandma used to eat!

The cuts

Each week, our Chefs prepare and procure unique cuts and styles of meat that you won’t find anywhere else. Our focus is on quality & we’re  sourcing the finest ingredients available on the market with sustainability and care in mind from a local single sourced farmer. 

The cocktails

The meat shop isn’t all about the meats. Our Senior Mixologist, Sarah, not to mention one of the most talented mixologists across the West Coast, will bring you her bottled and ready-to-pour high end cocktails, housemade cocktail syrups & garnishes. Drink up!

The condiments

These are the same rubs we use at the restaurant as well as at our own houses! From beef to lamb to rabbit, we have every kind of seasoning you would want to marinate your meat in. 

The get-in-get-out menu

Our butcher shop changes daily based on the cuts that we can get from our supplier and farmer. Our Chefs visit the warehouse to see what there is a surplus of and we make sure to utilize the whole animal so nothing goes to waste. Here’s what you can order from our meat shop on a regular basis:

the cuts

New York

The New York strip is cut from the beef short loin and has intense flavors with bold, beefy notes


Highly regarded as the most tender and popular cuts of meat. The tenderloin sits between the ribs and backbone


The Zabuton meaning “little pillow” in Japanese is a primal cut from the chuck. In Wagyu, this cut is marbled with fat making it tender & rich


French for flank steak, this is a highly flavorful cut of meat taken from the underbelly of the cow


The Tomahawk or bone-in Ribeye is a well marbled, thick & buttery ribeye with at least 5 inches of rib bone attached


One of the leanest cuts, flank steak is taken from the abdominal muscles or lower chest of the cow


Toro beef is a fattier, thinly sliced cut of beef that is packed with tons of flavor


A high quality meat with plenty of marbling, the Delmonico steak is sort of like a mini-ribeye

Flanken Ribs

flavorful pieces of meat that are thinly sliced across the rib section of beef bones around ½ inch thick

Teres Major

this lean and rare cut comes from the shoulder or chuck of the steer. This is the second most tender cut of the cow after the tenderloin

the condiments

Black Stallion

beef & lamb rub


Beef rub

Rub #19

The everything rub


chicken, pork & bologna Rub

Ol’ Dirty Bae

chicken, seafood & rabbit rub

the cocktails

G. Rye Joe

rittenhouse rye, meletti amaro, fernet branca, orange bitters

Smoked Old Fashioned

smoked dickel rye, demerara, orange and angostura bitters

Staw-Barry Manilow

arrette tequila, lustau vermut rosado, fino sherry, strawberry-chiltepin pepper, orange bitters

Guns N’ Rosemary

gin, aperol, cynar, rosemary, lemon, grapefruit, rosemary salted rim

Aztec Manhattan

Rittenhouse Rye, Cocchi di torino, vermouth, house chipotle bitters


Tequila, cointreau, campari, lime

Ginja turtle

mezcal, tequila, ginger, strega, lime, mint

Bourbon Crusta

old forester bourbon, cointreau, lemon, absinthe


mischief vodka, lime, creme de poire