Tips for smoking Meats

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What Makes Great BBQ?

Seattle Meat Dudes on : What Makes Great Barbecue Join the Lady Jaye Meat Dudes for Episode 2 of their podcast where they discuss what

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Sara’s Thanksgiving Cocktails

Sara’s Thanksgiving Cocktails Kilgore Stout 1.5oz Rittenhouse Rye, 0.5oz China-China Amer, 0.25oz Pimento Dram, 0.75oz Stout Syrup, Top with Coffee & vanilla whip Garnish with

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Holiday Guide

Reserve Your Order Thanksgiving Specials We have Thanksgiving specials through the month of November! Order pre-smoked or raw turkey’s to enjoy on thanksgiving day. We

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Forbes Recommended BBQ Sandwich

Smoked Bologna Sandwich

The Bologna Sandwich trend Bologna sandwiches are everything right now! Just ask Food & Wine. Their new feature on fried bologna sandwiches reminds adults that

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Pork Steak Recipe

Pork Steaks How to cook a pork steak. These steaks are cut directly from the pork shoulder and require slow and low LONG COOKS to

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