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locally sourced meats

Here at Lady Jaye, we’re really proud to be a butcher shop Seattle option for people who are looking to be more cognizant of where their meat and other food is sourced. As exciting as a global economy can be because it connects the world, there are just some items that are better bought locally. In other words, there’s a lot to be said about truly shopping local. 


It means your food is fresher, traceable, sustainable, more ethical, and you’re supporting your local beef Seattle farmers. Where exactly does Lady Jaye source our smokehouse Seattle meats? How does our sustainability and transparency stack up to other companies claiming to be local? Here’s everything you need to know about how we source our meats.


All of our meat is sourced from Pure Country Farm which is only 179 miles away in Euphrata, WA. Our beef is raised by the Klingemans, Paul and Karrie, as well as their son Paul Klingerman Jr., and their daughter Laura. Pure Country Farm is truly a family affair, and has been for three generations. Even the business side of this operation is run by the family with Turrel, Laura’s husband, as the general manager. There’s a level of quality that you know you’re going to get from such a meticulously run, family oriented company. 



All of the animals that are harvested are raised by this family of farmers and their team on their own land. The animals are not outsourced, but rather live a full and complete life in one location. This matters not only for the animal, but also for the consumer. Moving animals around causes stress, which in turn raises cortisol levels. If you had your choice, you would probably always choose to avoid introducing more cortisol into your body.


Each herd of Black Angus and British Balidies cross is a part of their own, closed program. This means that the animals are not allowed to interact with other herds, ultimately ensuring full traceability. Great care is taken to provide the best life for the animals, which results in a great product for the consumer. These cattle are slow-fed on grass and then finished on local barley. They have a longer lifespan than most cattle that are harvested, ranging between 22 to 26 months.


Importantly, Pure Country only harvests 13 cattle a week, unlike other companies that harvest up to 10,000 a week. There are two USDA employees on staff paying close attention to the 13 cattle at a time for any sign of illness. Quality control is much better than at other farms, because there are considerably less cattle to monitor at once. The animals are driven only seven miles to be harvested, after which the whole carcass is dry aged for 21 days, and then shipped to Lady Jaye. The local nature of this operation means that this intramuscular marbled meat is just like what grandma used to eat. 

cuts of meat

Here at Lady Jaye, we’re not interested in the vanity of the Hollywood cuts. As part of our sustainability efforts, we utilize every cut. We’ve bought every cut of meat, and you’ll find that our menu reflects our mission.


Take a look at our smokehouse Seattle Wagyu phat dessert and our bone broth. We’re only interested in full transparency, full sustainability and a commitment to the local beef Seattle has to offer. 


Why do we source our butcher shop Seattle meat from Pure Country? Honestly, it’s an easy choice, because the alternatives aren’t very transparent or truthful. For example, some places claim to be sourcing their meat locally from AB Foods, but with a little research you’ll find that AB Foods purchases animals from Washington, Canada, Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii, Mexico and California. Even though these animals are processed and harvested in Washington, the majority of those farming locations are anything but local.


These “local” animals could be raised in Canada for one to six months, sold to Idaho for six to 12 months, and then sold again to Oregon to “finish on corn” before they’re slaughtered in Washington. The animals are slaughtered at only 16 months, and harvested in groups up to 10,000 per week. To top it all off, only a few hours after the meat is harvested, it’s packaged. With no time to dry age, you end up paying for the water weight. It’s not very hard to see why the quality of this food is inconsistent.

Lady Jaye operates the best butcher shop Seattle has to offer, because we care about where our meat comes from. Providing quality meat that you can trace is important to us. Transparency, sustainability and ethically sourced meat matters.

Heard enough? Order your fresh cuts of meat now! 

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