Benefits of Eating Smoked Food

benefits of smoked meats

Deep and intense in flavor due to an enriched smoking process, smoked meats have long been considered a delicacy in the gourmet food scene. At Lady Jaye, we have a unique way of smoking meats that allows an exquisite taste to flow through our foods and awaken taste buds through dishes such as Smoke Bologna and Forever Smoked Turkey Drum.


In addition to awakening taste buds and introducing you to new flavors, there are other benefits that smoked foods bring to the table.


The types of food which see the inside of a custom kiln are often those that are naturally high in protein and amino acids, especially meat! By creating nutritious high-protein foods that are enjoyable to eat, smoked food makes a great addition to any balanced diet. Smoked meat, in particular, offer high iron content.


Smoking is a very low-fat cooking process because it often avoids cooking with oils, fats and sauces. Additionally, smoking can actually serve to reduce the fat in foods, left as it is to drip out during the process, leaving an altogether healthier final product.


Traditionally, smoking was created as a method by which to preserve foods, and it still retains this benefit today. This means that smoked foods have a longer shelf life than normal cooked meats, so you can keep them in the fridge for longer and could even help reduce your family’s food waste. 


If you can’t finish a Pork Collar Pastrami Plate, no worries, you can take it home and eat it for lunch tomorrow!


When it comes to eating smoked foods, it is all about the quality. With our award-winning experience and expertise, we guarantee high-quality dishes every time. With an extensive range of foods to choose from, we have something to suit every occasion and every palate.


Located near the Junction on California Avenue, we’re quickly becoming known for our delicious dishes such as:


  • Pork belly “Porkstrami” sandwiches on rye
  • Smoked bologna
  • Turkey leg with dry rub
  • Slow-roasted brisket
  • Smoked pineapple mimosas


And, so many other smoked meat and barbecue-friendly dishes!


Don’t just take our word for it! Come by Lady Jaye’s today and check out our menu and signature cocktails and taste the benefits for yourself!

Ready to open your smoker? Order your fresh cuts of meat now!