4 Cuts of Meat You Must Add To Your Repertoire

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Just because cuts like filet mignon and ribeye have more notoriety doesn’t mean they should have all the fun! In fact, there are so many different cuts of meat that can lend their robust flavor profiles to a much more dynamic menu. This is particularly true if you’re looking for ways to keep your restaurant (or in-home dinner menu) cutting-edge. Mixing up the cuts of meat on your menu can be a great way to achieve those goals.

In addition to being delicious, using a variety of cuts of meat helps to contribute to a more sustainable approach to cattle ranching and beef production. Taking a trip to your local smoked meat shop can give you all kinds of inspiration when it comes to partnering with a sustainable local butcher. From toro to zabuton, here are four cuts of meat to consider adding to your menu.


Often used for ground beef and pastrami, toro steaks come from the navel of a cow. Toro got its name from the fact that many sushi chefs use it (it’s the fatty part of a tuna’s belly). This cut often pairs well with Asian-inspired flavor profiles, especially when barbecued. Toro has often been called “beef bacon,” since it is usually thinly sliced and is fattier than other cuts. One fun recipe to try out when using this protein is the grilled toro beef from Gyu-Kaku in Las Vegas! Toro is known for:


  • Rich marbling and fattiness
  • Being perfect for curing, smoking, or thinly slicing as “beef bacon”
  • For use in pastrami or ground beef
  • Tasting great in chili or Asian-inspired barbecue

Named for the New York City restaurant of the same name, the Delmonico steak is usually a chuck-eye steak, but may refer to any number of cuts of beef. Most Delmonicos do come from the shoulder area, right near the same place that ribeye is carved from. What makes the Delmonico steak so unique is the fact that it’s a thicker-cut steak than most portions of beef. You can pack in a lot of flavor, making any Delmonico steak cut uber versatile when it comes to preparation. Grill your Delmonico steak to seal in all the flavor and then serve it up with Delmonico potatoes, just like the original! Delmonico is/has:



  • Tender and savory
  • Big beefy flavor
  • Plenty of marbling
  • Less expensive than rib-eye
  • An excellent option for grilling and slow-cooking

Also known as butcher’s steak or shoulder petite tender, Teres Major is a smaller and more affordable alternative to cuts of beef like tenderloin. Teres Major is known for the rich beefiness of its flavor, just like other shoulder cuts. One of the unique qualities of Teres Major is that its shape is just like a tenderloin, making it a great alternative as a smaller portion size in recipes. It’s also the second-most tender cut of beef from a cow. Try Teres Major grilled with one of Lady Jaye’s signature rubs and smoked meats recipes. You’ll find that Teres Major is/has:


  • Lean and tender
  • Big beefy flavor
  • Smaller/more affordable than tenderloin
  • Great on the grill

Translated to “little pillow” in Japanese, Zabuton steaks are another cut from the chuck or shoulder of the cow. Zabuton steaks are sometimes referred to as Denver steaks, and are notable for their butteriness thanks to their marbling. If you want to make the most delicious steak sandwich of your life, definitely consider making a Zabuton steak sandwich, complete with horseradish and grilled onions. You can also use Zabuton in delicious Japanese-inspired hot pot recipes! Zabuton is a standout, because:



  • It’s marbled with fat
  • Has a rich, beefy flavor
  • Is buttery and tender
  • Works great on the grill

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and whip up some delicious meat recipes in your kitchen! There are so many different cuts of beef to experiment with while cooking, and smoked meat shops like Lady Jaye’s make for great West Seattle take-out options when it comes to meats of all kinds. If the descriptions above tickle your tastebuds, give these cuts a try and see why one of the top West Seattle bars has more to offer than just great cocktails.

Heard enough? Order your fresh cuts of meat now!