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If you live in the Pacific Northwest, it’s safe to assume you’re no stranger to seasonal blues. During the cold, crispy days of winter, the thought of outdoor dining probably doesn’t even cross your mind. Lady Jaye is here to change that perception! Participating in the Seattle outdoor dining scene in December on an unheated patio while you try to eat your appetizers before they turn into popsicles sounds like a new form of torture! We couldn’t agree more. Is there anything you wouldn’t do for a little taste of summer during the winter months?


What if you could comfortably sit outside for a delicious meal, even in February? What if you could do it while enjoying the best steak Seattle has to offer? To satiate your longing for outdoor dining, stop by the Lady Jaye West Seattle butcher shop and restaurant to experience excellent year-round outdoor dining. Our heated patio is calling your name … can you hear it? Here’s what you can expect while you sit on our heated patio.


Outdoor dining has been given an entirely new meaning in the last year. From New York to Seattle, restaurants are finding ingenious ways to make outdoor dining experiences comfortable in all types of weather. At Lady Jaye, we’ve taken extra precautions to make your outdoor dining experience with us unparalleled. Our outdoor space is heated with above table heaters to keep you comfortable, so you can unwind and connect with your party.


Relax with your friends and family while enjoying our large outdoor fire pit. Lady Jaye’s fire pit creates a cozy, apres ski ambience, which is perfect for a date night out on the town. Pacific Northwest-inspired murals, wall heaters and wooden tabletops will have you begging for one of our signature cocktails. Smoked Old Fashioned, anyone? 


This Seattle outdoor dining experience is unlike any other, because you’ll have a front row seat to the “smokeshow”, as our 2,500 pound smoker, affectionately referred to as Cletus, wafts savory notes of Applewood chips through the winter air. Cletus gives our meats their signature mellow, smoky flavor, making any of our smoked options elevated comfort food.


While you’re experiencing Seattle outdoor dining like never before, you’ll get to choose from a wide selection of main dishes from our hand-curated menu. We also offer daily specials and sides for those looking for lighter bites. Our meats are sourced locally from Pure Country, a third-generation farm that prides itself on transparency and sustainability. Come taste the quality for yourself.


For a full experience where you’ll leave feeling like royalty, try our “Meat N’ Three” — where you pick your entree, choose three sides and subsequently eat like a damn Queen! Can’t decide between shoestring fries, baked odds & ends black eyed peas, or fried brussels sprouts? You don’t have to! That’s the whole point … our sides are excellent, why limit yourself?

Seattle craft cocktails

You know what can warm even the coldest heart this winter? A beautifully crafted cocktail from Lady Jaye! You can go for a smoked old fashion with smoked dickel rye, Demerara, orange and Angostura bitters if you’re leaning towards a classic cocktail. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, check out our No World for Amaro cocktail with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Ramazotti, Amaro and rhubarb bitters. Cozy up to our firepit while you take a sip. You’re sure to feel warm from head to toe when you leave Lady Jaye and hop into your rideshare.


Take us home. We’re not just talking about leftovers. Swing by our West Seattle butcher shop on your way out to purchase great cuts of meat and all the fixin’s you’ll need to pack a flavorful punch in your own kitchen. We’ll give you great advice about flavor profiles and how to successfully cook each cut on your own. You might not be able to sit on your own patio this winter while you eat, but you can enjoy a quality meal brought to you by Lady Jaye West Seattle butcher shop.

Seattle butcher shop

Don’t let Jack Frost bum you out. Our year-round Seattle outdoor dining allows you to commune with the outdoors, eat great food and toast to good friends no matter how cold it gets. Don’t forget to stop by the West Seattle butcher shop before you leave to take a little slice—or slab—of Lady Jaye home with you. See, winter isn’t all that bad.

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