5 Can’t Miss Spots In West Seattle

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West Seattle offers a variety of sights and activities that are unique to the area. If you’re looking to spend an afternoon or evening with friends and family, head on over to West Seattle for a one-of-a-kind experience. You can make it a day trip, or stay for the weekend if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area. Tucked away along the streets, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Seattle as well as a myriad of outdoor activities and chances for family fun. While you’re in the area, here are five of the best things to do in West Seattle.


Alki Beach is one of the most versatile beaches in the area. You’re right on the Puget Sound, so there’s endless fun to be had. You can visit the nearby Alki Point Lighthouse or take a kayak tour with Alki Kayak Tours & Activities. Pack a picnic and hang out at the picnic tables for a break in the action. When the sun starts to go down, many groups sit around bonfires at the designated fire pits, so pack your firewood and kindling for a magical evening outdoors.


West Seattle Bowl has been around since 1948, so you can expect a classically good time during your visit. You’ll be sure to find a spot in this 32 lane bowling alley. Despite being established in 1948, the lanes are all modernized with automatic bumpers for the little ones. After you’ve won—or lost—a few games, the adults can head to the lounge for full service. Take your pick of beer, wine, liquor, or soda for a drink of your choice. If you catch the bowling bug and live in the area, check out their league options. You might just become a regular.

Seattle butcher shop

Considered by locals and visitors alike as one of the best restaurants in Seattle, Lady Jaye should definitely be on your radar. While you’re planning your trip, make sure you carve out time to taste some of the unique offerings on the Lady Jaye menu. 


The menu is always rotating, so whether you’ve been there once or a dozen times, you’re sure to stumble across something new. This smokehouse Seattle restaurant will blow your mind with its year-round outdoor heated patio and a front-row seat to the 2,500-pound smoker that gives all of Lady Jaye’s meats that signature, smoky flavor.


Grab a delicious cocktail, like the Guns N’ Rosemary or the Straw-Barry Manilow, while you wait for your food by the firepit. After this restaurant experience, you may be feeling like you want to get creative in your own kitchen, so stop by the Lady Jaye butcher shop to buy a beautiful cut of meat that’s been grass-fed locally. You can get all of the fixings you’ll need to make a great meal at the meat shop. You can even purchase the same rubs that the restaurant uses in the house. Take a little of your West Seattle experience home in the form of a rub or cut of meat, and you’ll have a delicious souvenir.

seattle farmers market

If you’re still in town on Sunday morning, take the time to browse the West Seattle, Farmers Market. You’ll find local, fresh produce, as well as wild-caught salmon. Just about anything fresh you could want for your kitchen, you’ll find at this long-running market. 


Satiate your sweet tooth with local honey, try artisanal bread, or buy a bouquet of fresh, local flowers for your special someone. You’ll get a great sense of West Seattle’s community and offerings while you peruse your favorite farm stands.



Whether you’re a beginner when it comes to fly fishing or you used to go out with your grandfather, but need a refresher, West Seattle is the perfect place to dust off your fly fishing skills. Emerald Water Anglers can get you started by teaching you the proper way to fly fish with top-of-the-line fishing gear. The valuable lessons you learn during a fishing lesson may help you catch your dinner in the beautiful waters around West Seattle.


Between a smokehouse Seattle experience with Lady Jaye, the exhilaration of winning a bowling game, and the ability to commune with nature, you’ll never want to leave West Seattle. Book your hotel and swing by for a weekend. West Seattle certainly won’t disappoint.

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