Eating Sustainably Using The Whole Cow

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How tO Butcher a Cow Sustainably Episode 4: Check out the Lady Jaye Meat Dudes Podcast to learn about the whole cow butchering method and how to utilize the entire cow.  Click here Whole Cow Butchering Method The topic of utilizing the entire animal not only benefits farmers and processors economically but also has environmental, […]

What is Wagyu Beef?


Episode 3: Wagyu Beef 101 We serve ethically sourced wagyu beef in Seattle from local farms in Portland all the way to Japan. It can be difficult to find something as special as Japanese Wagyu A5 in Seattle or local. Many of our customers are nervous or scared to buy and cook wagyu beef. What […]

5 Underrated Steak Cuts

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Chuck Eye Steak: “The Chuck Eye is like the Chuck Norris of steaks. It may not be as well-known as some of the other cuts, but it’s tough, flavorful, and can kick your taste buds into submission.” Tri-Tip: “The Tri-Tip is like the dark horse of beef. It’s not a traditional steak, but it’s lean, […]

What Makes Great BBQ?

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Seattle Meat Dudes on : What Makes Great Barbecue Join the Lady Jaye Meat Dudes for Episode 2 of their podcast where they discuss what makes great BBQ.  Podcast Reservations Take Out Email List Butcher What makes the Best BBQ? The Quality of your meat! There was a guy who walked up our outdoor patio […]

We Are Not Your Average BBQ


What Make Our Seattle Style BBQ Unique? What makes Lady Jaye’s BBQ different is the cuts of meat we smoke. Whole tenderloins, whole strip loins, pork short ribs, picanhas, zabutons, chuck eye and a ton of wagyu beef! Of course we can’t resist smoking the Beef Dino Ribs about once a month. Everything we do […]

Sara’s Thanksgiving Cocktails


Sara’s Thanksgiving Cocktails Kilgore Stout 1.5oz Rittenhouse Rye, 0.5oz China-China Amer, 0.25oz Pimento Dram, 0.75oz Stout Syrup, Top with Coffee & vanilla whip Garnish with dusting of Nutmeg Winter Old Fashioned 2oz Rye 0.25oz cinnamon demerara 4 dash Angostura bitters 2 dash Orange bitters Garnish with expressed orange peel and cherry Brown Butter Manhattan 2.25oz […]

Holiday Guide


Reserve Your Order Thanksgiving Specials We have Thanksgiving specials through the month of November! Order pre-smoked or raw turkey’s to enjoy on thanksgiving day. We can take care of the entire meal when you order for catering from Lady Jaye’s kitchen! (Catering serves 4-20 people). Lady Jaye Gift Cards  Treat your friends and loved ones […]

Smoked Bologna Sandwich

Forbes Recommended BBQ Sandwich

The Bologna Sandwich trend Bologna sandwiches are everything right now! Just ask Food & Wine. Their new feature on fried bologna sandwiches reminds adults that bologna isn’t just for kids.  “Doesn’t bologna remind you of being a kid?,” asks chef Craig Deihl of Hello, Sailor. Originally from Danville, Pennsylvania, Deihl grew up snacking on bologna from […]

Pork Steak Recipe

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Pork Steaks These steaks are cut directly from the pork shoulder and require slow and low LONG COOKS tobreak down the collagen and render the fat. (Set aside 2-3 hours)Start with a dry brine of salt/pepper for 24 hours before you cook! Let’s Break Down The Recipe Options 1st option “SMOKE EM”Smoke the pork steak […]

USDA Grading System: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

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The USDA grading system for meat is something you’re likely to run into if you’re shopping at a Seattle butcher shop or heading to West Seattle restaurants known for their beef. If you’re asking yourself how to shop for the perfect steak, then understanding the USDA grading system is a good place to start.   […]