Steak Series: T-Bone vs Porterhouse

Tbone vs porterhouse

The t-bone steak vs the porterhouse The T-bone and Porterhouse steaks both originate from the short loin primal of the cow, but their main distinction lies in the size of the tenderloin muscle they contain. A T-bone steak typically features a smaller section of tenderloin compared to the Porterhouse, which boasts a larger tenderloin portion. […]

Steak Series: New York Strip

New York

What is a New York Strip Steak? The New York Strip, a classic favorite in the world of steaks, is renowned for its impeccable balance of flavor and tenderness. Cut from the beef short loin, it features beautiful marbling that infuses every bite with a rich, beefy essence. When expertly prepared, seared to perfection and […]

Steak Series: The Center Rib Primal

Center rib primal

What is the center rib primal? The center ribeye primal, also known as the rib primal or the rib section, is a prominent part of the cow’s anatomy. It includes the ribs from approximately the sixth to the twelfth, consisting of various cuts with distinct characteristics making it a prime source of premium beef cuts […]

Steak Series: The Zabuton


What is a Zabuton Steak? The Zabuton, also known as the Denver Steak, emerges as a hidden gem within the world of beef cuts. Situated near the shoulder, specifically under the chuck roll, this lesser-known steak is celebrated for its exquisite marbling, which infuses each bite with a rich, buttery beefiness. Its name, derived from […]

Steak Series: The Flank


What is a flank steak The flank steak possesses a distinctive character cherished by grill masters and flavor enthusiasts alike. It’s sourced from the muscular abdominal region, offering a robust, primal flavor profile with a pronounced grain. The secret to its charm? Show it some affection. Marinate this lean warrior with bold flavors, sear it […]

Steak Series: Beef Dino Ribs

beef ribs

What are the Beef “Dino” ribs Dino ribs, also known as beef back ribs, are sizable and flavorful cuts that originate from the rib primal of the cow. These ribs are renowned for their meaty portions and are often sought after by barbecue aficionados and those who relish hearty, slow-cooked meals. When prepared using methods […]

Steak Series: The Tenderloin


What is X Steak The tenderloin, also known as Filet Mignon, it’s the most tender part of the cow, with some marbling but on the leaner side. It’s so tender it practically melts on your tongue. That’s why it’s the go-to for many, especially those just getting started in the kitchen. Whether you’re grilling, searing, […]

Steak Series: The Tomahawk Ribeye

Tomahawk Ribeye

What is a Tomahawk Ribeye Steak The Tomahawk Ribeye, a steak that commands attention from beef lovers and grill masters alike, is essentially a Ribeye with an extra dose of drama. What sets it apart is the long, exposed rib bone that resembles the handle of a tomahawk, hence the name. Cut from the rib […]

Steak Series: The Tri Tip

Tri Tip

What is a Tri Tip Steak The Tri-Tip, an unsung hero among steaks, earns its reputation through versatility and a distinctive triangular shape. Cut from the bottom sirloin, it boasts a robust, beefy flavor that sits somewhere between lean sirloin and rich ribeye. When sliced against the grain, it yields tender, juicy bites with a […]

Steak Series: The Boneless Ribeye

Boneless ribeye

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