Let’s Talk Meat Packaging Labels

Understanding meat

Understanding the weird world of meat labels, shopping local and asking the question “Can I visit this farm?”   The Lady Jaye Meat Dudes Podcast: Episode 4!  Thanks to special guest Sean So from Preservation Meat Collective for sourcing the best local meat and helping us out with this podcast   Podcast Why are meat labels […]

What is Wagyu Beef?

wagyu beef, Japanese wagyu

With so many different types of wagyu beef, how can you choose the best fit for you?

What Makes Great BBQ?

smoked meat, bbq ribs, great bbq, bbq

Seattle Meat Dudes on : What Makes Great Barbecue Join the Lady Jaye Meat Dudes for Episode 2 of their podcast where they discuss what makes great BBQ.  Podcast Reservations Take Out Email List Butcher What makes the Best BBQ? The Quality of your meat! There was a guy who walked up our outdoor patio […]