Sara’s Thanksgiving Cocktails


Sara’s Thanksgiving Cocktails Kilgore Stout 1.5oz Rittenhouse Rye, 0.5oz China-China Amer, 0.25oz Pimento Dram, 0.75oz Stout Syrup, Top with Coffee & vanilla whip Garnish with dusting of Nutmeg Winter Old Fashioned 2oz Rye 0.25oz cinnamon demerara 4 dash Angostura bitters 2 dash Orange bitters Garnish with expressed orange peel and cherry Brown Butter Manhattan 2.25oz […]

USDA Grading System: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

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The USDA grading system for meat is something you’re likely to run into if you’re shopping at a Seattle butcher shop or heading to West Seattle restaurants known for their beef. If you’re asking yourself how to shop for the perfect steak, then understanding the USDA grading system is a good place to start. The […]

What’s the Difference Between U.S., Japanese & Australian Wagyu Beef

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If you’re a meat aficionado, you know that Wagyu reigns king. In Seattle, Wagyu is a much coveted type of beef and for good reason. Lady Jaye carries top tier Wagyu from Japan, Australia and the West Coast of the United States. Some of Lady Jaye’s Wagyu is locally sourced right here in Washington state! […]

Seattle Steak: USDA Prime Steak And Where To Get It

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When you’re trying to find a nice restaurant to visit for a special occasion, you may think of a steak house as a high-end option to appease your inner carnivore. Steak houses are frequently characterized by dim lighting, white table cloths, luxe ambience, red wine, and, of course, delicious cuts of meat. For many, steakhouses […]

Bone-In VS Bone-Out Cuts: What Cut Is Better And Why?

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There’s been a lot of debate in the culinary world as to whether keeping the bone in a steak or chop adds to the overall flavor, presentation, tenderness and moisture levels. As you know, some dishes are served with the bone, while others aren’t. Why is that? Does the bone add to the dish? When […]

Lady Jaye Lands Stellar Reviews

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The Buzz Around Lady Jaye, West Seattle’s Premiere Smokehouse Seattle restaurants have a reputation for providing delicious food to tourists and locals alike. Here at Lady Jaye, we consider ourselves lucky to be recognized as one of the must-visit West Seattle restaurants. From our cocktail menu and butcher shop to our custom, sustainable farm-to-table menu […]