Sustainable Food In The Pacific Northwest: Give These Tips A Try!

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Sustainable Food In The Pacific Northwest: Give These Tips A Try! Pacific Northwesterners are actually interested in saving the planet, and one way they’re looking to do this is through making sustainable food choices. The majority of people make their food decisions based on what’s convenient, what’s affordable and what ultimately tastes better. Unfortunately, making […]

A Day With Lady Jaye

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A Day In West Seattle With Lady Jaye: Seattle’s Favorite Butcher Shop As Tour Guide The weather is finally becoming more amenable here in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s time to come out of your cocoon, and get back to exploring Seattle! Seattle has a ton to offer tourists and locals alike and while we […]

5 Ways To Prepare Wagyu Beef That Might Surprise You

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One of the most exciting parts of participating in the culinary community is seeing how culturally specific ingredients are shared, borrowed and reinvented to make something new, unique and absolutely delicious! Wagyu is a breed of Japanese cattle who are famously bred for their beef.      What makes Wagyu beef so special? Why is […]

Introducing Seattle Butcher Box From Lady Jaye

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Are you a Seattle foodie who just can’t wait for the weekend to get your hands on an excellent meal? Wait no more for the weekend! The makings of a delicious, restaurant quality meal can be delivered right to your door from Lady Jaye’s Seattle butcher shop with our butcher box subscription. Our boxes include […]

Pastrami: It’s More Than A St. Patrick’s Day Meat

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Whether you celebrate your Irish heritage year-round or you’re just “Irish for the day,” St. Patrick’s Day is a time to spend time with friends, drink green beer, and eat some delicious St. Patrick’s Day meat! St. Patrick’s Day meat, you say? March 17 is the perfect day of the year to eat your beef […]

So, You Wanna Start A Butcher Shop?

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Nowadays, people care a lot more about where their meat comes from, how it was raised, and if the animals that were sourced were treated ethically. Modern consumers want to make responsible, sustainable choices, and they’re being rewarded for their attention to detail. Ongoing food research shows that “when stress is minimized in animals, the meat has […]

4 Cuts of Meat You Must Add To Your Repertoire

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Just because cuts like filet mignon and ribeye have more notoriety doesn’t mean they should have all the fun! In fact, there are so many different cuts of meat that can lend their robust flavor profiles to a much more dynamic menu. This is particularly true if you’re looking for ways to keep your restaurant […]

5 Can’t Miss Spots In West Seattle

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West Seattle offers a variety of sights and activities that are unique to the area. If you’re looking to spend an afternoon or evening with friends and family, head on over to West Seattle for a one-of-a-kind experience. You can make it a day trip, or stay for the weekend if you’re looking to immerse […]

What’s The Difference Between Smokehouse & BBQ?


If you’re not well versed in the world of meats, you may be wondering why people are raving about the Lady Jaye smokehouse and restaurant? It’s just like BBQ, right? Although there are some similarities between smokehouse meats and BBQ, they differ in some pretty critical ways that greatly influence the taste of your meats.  Not […]

5 Tips for Cooking Wagyu Beef Like a Master

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There’s nothing like cooking up the best steak Seattle has to offer right in your own kitchen. Whether you’re thinking of whipping up a small weekday dinner for two or hosting an evening in with friends, a fresh, local steak may be the perfect addition to your menu. What’s great about cooking Wagyu for friends […]