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Lady Jaye in the press

“This West Seattle smokehouse knows its way around wood like Steve Martin knows his way around a banjo. And while you would have a great meal here any night of the week, Lady Jaye’s Thursday-only smoked wagyu cheeseburger is something to plan around.” – The infatuation

We’re not just a restaurant, we’re a Seattle dining experience. We serve a meat forward, farm to table menu that is updates each week by our top tier chefs using locally sourced ingredients. Leave it to us to serve up the best two hours of your week. We’ll have you walking out of here feeling full of food & full of life. 

Restaurant HOURS

Butcher shop HOURS


4523 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116


(206) 457-4029

LocalLy Sourced. wagyu Beef. Custom Cocktails.

We like to impart our knowledge of meat and cocktails on our customers in the restaurant and at our local butcher shop. Our top quality locally sourced beef and spirits deserve to be shown off, and we want to share where and how we’re sourcing our ingredients in the Pacific Northwest. Visit us at Lady Jaye in West Seattle for dinner, pick up our delicious take out, or stop by our butcher shop and say hello! 

the menu
Meat N' three

March 22nd – 26th

step 1: Choose one entree From Our Staple Menu OR Our Daily Specials

The Staple Entree

NEW YORK - $28.99

maple glaze, house pickles, mustard BBQ, side white bread + 3 sides

Smoked Bologna Sandwich - $28.99

House smoked bologna, dill pickle slaw, potato chip, spicy mustard, white bread bun + 3 sides

Prime Bulgogi Short Rib Melt - $28.99

Prime bulgogi short rib, American Cheese, pickled radish & carrots, spicy mayo, brioche roll + 3 sides

Cornmeal-Old Bay Crusted
Fried White Prawns - $28.99

1/2 dozen large white prawns in our house crispy cornmeal dredge, served with dill tartar + 3 sides

Smoked tofu chili - $28.99

hominy, sharp cheddar, green onion, fritos + 3 sides

the daily specials


Smoked Pure Country SUPER PRIME Zabuton, Balsamic onion jam, Arugula, Roasted garlic mayo, Sodo roll + 3 sides


1/2 Lb wagyu patty w/ house BOVINE rub
(Lettuce, Onion,Tomato, Pickles, Rocket Sauce all served on side) + 3 sides


Braised Pacific Rogue Full Blood Wagyu Brisket w/ biscuit + 3 sides


Smoked Pure Country Pork Cheek Burnt Ends, House BBQ, House Rub #19, Biscuit + 3 sides


House Cheese Whiz, Tallow Onions, Horseradish Mayo + 3 sides

step 2: Choose three sidekicks

the sidekick's

Smoked Jalapeno Kale Caesar

garlic croutons, grana, carrots and cabbage

10 Vegetable Vinegar Slaw

whole grain mustard and honey


celery, pickled golden raisins, feta, sherry vinaigrette

Shoe String Fries

w/ Pickle juice, Vinegar & Dill

Baked Odds & Ends Black Eyed Peas

with all the smoker bits, pieces, debris and deliciousness (NOT VEG)

Yukon Gold Horseradish Potato Salad

w/ loads of herbs and cider vinegar


Hoisin BBQ

step 3: Pick your poison

the poison

G. Rye Joe

rittenhouse rye, meletti amaro, fernet branca, orange bitters

Smoked Old Fashioned

smoked dickel rye, demerara, orange and angostura bitters

Guns N' Rosemary

gin, aperol, cynar, rosemary, lemon, grapefruit, rosemary salted rim

Straw-barry Manilow

arrette tequila, lustau vermut rosado, fino sherry, strawberry-chiltepin pepper, orange bitters

Ginja Turtle

Arrete tequila blanco, Los Vecinos mezcal espadin, fino sherry, strega, ginger, lime, mint


plantation 3 star rum, lustau fino sherry, pistachio orgeat, fresh thyme, lime & oJ

bourbon crusta

old forester bourbon, cointreau, lemon, absinthe

Menacing Spirit

dark rum infused with charred palo santo wood, Giffard's vanilla, brucato orchard amaro, pumpkin puree, lemon, honey, angostura, hot water

Aztec manhattan

rittenhouse rye, cocchi di torino vermouth, house chipotle bitters

the golden child

banknote scotch, lairds apple jack, cocchi di torino vermouth, golden falernum, laphroaig rinse, lady jaye apple bitters

kilgore stout

rittenhouse rye, china china amer, allspice dram, stout syrup, coffee, vanilla whip

The native local

westland single malt, woodinville bourbon, fast penny amaricano amaro, sennzaFinne summer amaro, lady jaye licorice bitters

beef cake black manhattan

wagyu fat washed rye, cocchi di torino vermouth, amaro di angostura

orchard souls

vodka, brucato orchards amaro, allspice dram, cinnamon, OJ & Lemon, orange bitters

OUR Butcher SHOP

Don’t have time for a sit down meal? We got you covered! Get the best steaks in Seattle to cook at home in your own kitchen. As soon as you walk in, our butcher shop in West Seattle is there stocked with our locally sourced best cuts of meat including wagyu beef cuts from the PNW, take home cocktails & custom curated condiments. Each day, our Chefs prepare and procure unique cuts & styles of meat so you can take your cold cut to go. Email Evan if you are looking for something special at


old fashioned

Our Senior Mixologist, Sara, not to mention one of the most talented mixologists across the West Coast, will bring you her bottled and ready-to-pour high end cocktails, housemade syrups & garnishes.


Butcher Box Subscription

Each week, our Chefs prepare and procure unique cuts and styles of meat, along with rubs, stocks & lards that you won’t find anywhere else.


lady jaye spices

These are the same rubs we use at the restaurant as well as at home! From beef to lamb to rabbit, we have every kind of seasoning you would want to marinate your meat in.

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locally sourced ingredients you can count on

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Why take our word for it when you can take theirs?

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