What is a Zabuton Steak?

The Zabuton, also known as the Denver Steak, emerges as a hidden gem within the world of beef cuts. Situated near the shoulder, specifically under the chuck roll, this lesser-known steak is celebrated for its exquisite marbling, which infuses each bite with a rich, buttery beefiness. Its name, derived from the Japanese word for “cushion,” hints at the steak’s tender and pillow-like texture when cooked to perfection. Searing it to a mouthwatering medium-rare and letting it rest before slicing unveils a steak experience that surprises and delights.


Where its located on the animal

The zabuton is located in the chuck primal of the cow. It’s situated near the front shoulder, specifically from the chuck roll.

How to Cook a zabuton steak

1st way: Stovetop

  • Sear both sides of your zabuton in a cast iron pan on Med to Med High Heat for 3-4 mins on each side depending on thickness.
  • Pull and let rest when it hits an internal temp of 125-130 degrees.

2nd way: Grill

  • Get a nice sear on your zabuton over direct heat
  • Once you are happy with the sear (3-5 mins), transfer to the “cold side of the grill” or non-direct heat to finish to desired temperature (if needed, shouldn’t be very long)
    • Pro Tip: Raise your steak 3-4 inches from your charcoal grill if your coals are too hot. This will give you a slower cook and less char on the steak.

Preferred Temp to cook a zabuton

For a Rare Zabuton: 115-120 internal temp

For a Med Rare Zabuton: 125 degrees

For a Med Zabuton: 130-135 degrees (we prefer about 130 degrees)

need to know about the zabuton

  • This is the BEST bang for your buck in the entire meat case at you butcher shop
  • If you can find wagyu beef zabutons, you will be able to impress anyone in the world and usually spend less than $25. Its one of the best kept secrets.


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