What is a flank steak

The flank steak possesses a distinctive character cherished by grill masters and flavor enthusiasts alike. It’s sourced from the muscular abdominal region, offering a robust, primal flavor profile with a pronounced grain. The secret to its charm? Show it some affection. Marinate this lean warrior with bold flavors, sear it intensely, and, crucially, carve it thinly against the grain to unlock its maximum tenderness potential.


Where its located on the animal

The flank steak is located on the cow’s underside, specifically in the abdominal area near the rear legs. It’s a long, flat, and relatively lean cut of beef.

How to Cook a flank steak


  • On med hi heat, or directly over charcoals, grill your flank steak for 2-3 mins on each side until you create a nice sear/char, but don’t burn it.
  • You may need to keep an eye on it and constantly flip throughout the process because most marinades have sugar in them and if you’re cooking over direct heat, there is a chance it could flame up and burn your flank steak.

Preferred Temp to cook a flank steak

For a Rare Flank: 115-120 internal temp

For a Med Rare Flank: 125-130 degrees (we prefer 120-125 degrees)

For a Med Flank: 135-140 degrees

need to know about the flank steak

  • You HAVE to cut against the grain. Yes, you should always cut against the grain but it’s especially important with the flank. Let the knife do the work, not your teeth.


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