What is the center rib primal?

The center ribeye primal, also known as the rib primal or the rib section, is a prominent part of the cow’s anatomy. It includes the ribs from approximately the sixth to the twelfth, consisting of various cuts with distinct characteristics making it a prime source of premium beef cuts that are beloved by carnivores and steak enthusiasts alike.

Center rib primal

Where its located on the animal

The center rib primal, also known as the rib primal, is located in the upper back section of the cow. It spans from the 6th through the 12th rib and includes some of the most sought-after cuts like ribeye steaks and prime rib roasts due to its marbling and tenderness

need to know about the center rib primal

  • Depending on how you choose to butcher this primal, you can get a ton of different cuts
    • Tomahawk Ribeye
    • Bone in Ribeye
    • Boneless Ribeye
    • Prime Rib
    • Short Ribs
    • Dino Ribs
    • Drama Chops
    • Flanken Ribs

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