Unveiling the Master Butcher:

Kevin Smith of Beast & Cleaver

Prepare to be enchanted by the captivating world of whole animal butchery as The Lady Jaye Meat Dudes dive into the extraordinary journey of Master Butcher, Kevin Smith, the English Butcher and owner of Beast & Cleaver. 

Hailing from England, Kevin’s culinary passion blossomed at a young age, influenced by his mother’s delectable cooking. His insatiable curiosity led him to explore the best Michelin-star restaurants, igniting a flame for the art of cooking.

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Kevin’s arsenal of essential home butchery tools includes a bull nose breaking knife, a semi-flexible boning knife, an 18-inch bone saw, and perhaps a bone scraper for the ambitious. And of course, a first aid kit for inevitable nicks and cuts. As a culinary connoisseur, Kevin cherishes the memory of the best steak he ever tasted – an 8-year-old dairy cow in San Sebastian’s tapas bar. The intense flavor and melt-in-your-mouth fat left a lasting impression, celebrating the true artistry of meat.

With a wealth of knowledge in whole animal butchery, Kevin’s goal is to create a well-trained team capable of knowing every aspect of the business. He advises beginners to start with pigs due to their smaller size and anatomical similarities to cows, making them ideal for learning the craft.

Pigs hold a special place in Kevin’s heart as his favorite animal to butcher. Their versatility and ease make them an excellent starting point for novices. Lamb, on the other hand, demands precision, offering less room for error. For those mastering lamb butchery, Kevin playfully compares it to a “big rabbit” experience.

For those stepping into Beast & Cleaver with $50 in hand, Kevin recommends indulging in Pate en crout, London Broil (London Royal), and a bone-in Pork Chop, and maybe rounding off with a refreshing beer. Kevin’s commitment to sourcing locally from farms like Pure Country Farms is rooted in sustainability and ethical treatment of animals. His philosophy of buying less but buying good meat resonates deeply, a testament to his dedication to the craft and the environment.

Get ready to be inspired by Kevin Smith, The English Butcher, and his journey of artistry and sustainability. With each cut and conversation, Kevin leaves an indelible mark, reminding us of the profound stories that lie behind the food we savor. Visit Beast & Cleaver to experience the magic firsthand and immerse yourself in a world where quality, tradition, and taste converge in harmony.

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