What Make Our Seattle Style BBQ Unique?

What makes Lady Jaye’s BBQ different is the cuts of meat we smoke. Whole tenderloins, whole strip loins, pork short ribs, picanhas, zabutons, chuck eye and a ton of wagyu beef! Of course we can’t resist smoking the Beef Dino Ribs about once a month. We are focused on sustainability and utilizing the entire cow so when our guests join us they may be trying a cut of meat they haven’t heard of before! This gives us the capability to try unique cuts and come up with new dishes to bring to the New Age BBQ world.

Everything we do is rooted in classic southern style but “Lady Jaye Style”. Instead of ordering a pound of brisket, you may find a picanha smoked “brisket style” as the daily special on our Meat N’ Three style menu. Or instead of pulled pork you would find a smoked pork New York dish on the menu.

BBQ styles are typically regional, and since there really isn’t a specific Pacific North West style BBQ, we try and start our own traditions using local resources and techniques. So, let’s smoke some awesome meat! 


So, what is BBQ anyway?


The most basic definition of BBQ is cooking big slabs of meat slow and low over fire. So yeah, technically we are BBQ. When most people think of the Pacific Northwest they think Seafood. That’s great, but that’s now what we do. 

We smoke whole muscles, pork, chicken and beef in our offset smoker, named Cletus, using apple wood because its indigenous to the Pacific North West.

So when you come in to visit Lady Jaye, you can expect some amazing smoked meat, some big sandwiches and 7 sides to make sure you are full when you head home. And maybe to soak up the delicious cocktails as well. 


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