Smoked Bologna Sandwich

The Bologna Sandwich trend

Bologna sandwiches are everything right now! Just ask Food & Wine. Their new feature on fried bologna sandwiches reminds adults that bologna isn’t just for kids. 


“Doesn’t bologna remind you of being a kid?,” asks chef Craig Deihl of Hello, Sailor. Originally from Danville, Pennsylvania, Deihl grew up snacking on bologna from his uncle’s butcher shop. Now you can find him serving up one of North Carolina’s most-talked about sandwiches, the “Chicagoish Fried Bologna”—a Carolina-meets-Chicago-style bologna sandwich that pays homage to owners Joe and Katy Kindred’s roots.


If you were raised in the South, a bologna sandwich was a crucial part of childhood. There’s no denying the satisfaction of a processed meat and cheese sandwich on “cheap white bread,” slathered with Duke’s mayo on each slice. (Bonus points if your mom fried the bologna.) If we could bottle and sell the smell of bologna sizzling on a pan, we would.” Continue the article here… 


Seattle's hottest BBq Sandwich

Lady Jaye’s smoked bologna sandwich was featured on Forbes Magazine as the “Hottest New Barbecue Sandwich” in Seattle! 



“Maybe it’s too early to call Lady Jaye’s barbecue bologna sandwich its all-time best seller. The restaurant/bar opened in West Seattle just a couple of weeks ago, after all. But the shockingly delicious creation from co-chefs Tyler Palagi and Charlie Garrison has been a big hit so far…” Read the rest of the featured article here.

smoked Bologna sandwich

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. And we REALLY wanted a hot dog sandwich. That’s how the smoked bologna sandwich was born.


We pride ourselves on elevating unique cuts of meat, and nothing is more unique than a chub of bologna. Every day we smoke whole bologna chubs with our house Sweet Smoke Rub, slice thinly and sear it to order for the ultimate BOLOGNA experience.

Forbes Recommended BBQ Sandwich
Let’s Break Down The Recipe

The Smoked Bologna Sandwich

Smoked Bologna (thinly sliced)

Dill Pickle Slaw

Lays Potato Chips (yep, on the actual sandwich)

Spicy Mustard

Sodo Roll

Heard enough? Order your fresh cuts of meat now! 

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