Seattle Steak: USDA Prime Steak And Where To Get It

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When you’re trying to find a nice restaurant to visit for a special occasion, you may think of a steak house as a high-end option to appease your inner carnivore. Steak houses are frequently characterized by dim lighting, white table cloths, luxe ambience, red wine, and, of course, delicious cuts of meat. For many, steakhouses are nostalgic dining experiences. Eating at a steakhouse can be an enjoyable meal for sure, but if you’re keen to get your hands on rare cuts of meat, a smokehouse like Lady Jaye could be just what you need. Keep reading to see how Lady Jaye is (and isn’t) like a steakhouse. 

How Is Lady Jaye Similar To A Steakhouse?

When it comes to the ethos and many of the menu items at Lady Jaye, you’ll find that if it’s a steakhouse you’re after we may just fit the bill. Lady Jaye offers many of the same coveted qualities of a traditional steakhouse while also offering a unique dining experience that you’d expect from a traditional, laid-back smokehouse. For starters, Lady Jaye partners with local farms ensuring that guests get the freshest and most sustainable meat from right here in the Pacific Northwest. This pride in their partner farms means that the quality of their meat is on par with the best steakhouses in West Seattle. In fact, if you’re wondering where to find Wagyu in Seattle, you can skip the valet and head to Lady Jaye for the most delectable cuts of Wagyu beef the market has to offer. 


Of course, meat entrees are another major common thread between Lady Jaye and a steakhouse. Steakhouses and Lady Jaye both focus on smaller, curated menus in order to maintain consistency and quality. Just like a steakhouse may have a daily special or catch of the day, Lady Jaye has a lineup of staples as well as other rotating specials like smoked pork belly sandwiches and smoked prime New York Strip.


At Lady Jaye we’re really proud to offer knowledge and service on par with a luxury steakhouse, including:

  • A rotating menu (for the freshest and most sustainable ingredients)
  • A knowledgeable, helpful and educated staff
  • Our very own Butcher Shop
  • We age and prepare our meat on site 
  • Top Grade USDA Prime Beef (our meats are top tier, highly rated through the USDA rating parameters)
  • The biggest bang for your buck 
  • Unique, delicious sides
  • Transparency in our meat sourcing (we only partner with local, sustainable, cruelty-free farms)
How Is Lady Jaye Different Than A Steakhouse?

As a Seattle butcher shop and smokehouse, there are some aspects of the restaurant that are incredibly unique. For starters, as a smokehouse offering some of the best BBQ Seattle is known for, the way that meats are prepared at Lady Jaye is a bit more diverse than your standard steakhouse. Smoked Bologna, maple glaze, spicy mustard, and dill pickle slaw all have a place on Lady Jaye’s menu. Our team offers some dishes that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else like our prime bulgogi short rib melt and smoked bologna sandwich. 

Lady Jaye is also known for its Seattle outdoor patio experience … a characteristic that many steakhouses don’t offer. Lady Jaye’s patio is packed with personality, offering our clients a cozy, rustic and approachable environment that isn’t at all stuffy or lacking in character! 

One final distinction between Lady Jaye and a steakhouse is the fact that, as a meat shop in West Seattle, you can purchase cuts of meat from the restaurant’s butcher shop to cook or grill at home. That goes well beyond the takeout offered by some steakhouses, where the ambience is part of the appeal. Lady Jaye’s meat shop gives you the chance to get your hands on top-notch protein like F1 Cross wagyu beef and Japanese A5 wagyu beef.

While smokehouses like Lady Jaye are less concerned with formality than steakhouses, they still deliver on flavor and high-quality proteins. It’s also worth noting that the smokehouse and butcher shop experience at Lady Jaye is a must for any occasion or budget. Entrees at West Seattle restaurants like Lady Jaye range from $15 to $30, whereas steakhouses can charge two or even three times that much for steak alone. 

If you value flavor, personality and an affordable meal over buttoned up servers and white table cloths and ironed napkins, come join us at Lady Jaye for a Seattle Steak you won’t soon forget. 

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