Lady Jaye Lands Stellar Reviews

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The Buzz Around Lady Jaye, West Seattle’s Premiere Smokehouse

Seattle restaurants have a reputation for providing delicious food to tourists and locals alike. Here at Lady Jaye, we consider ourselves lucky to be recognized as one of the must-visit West Seattle restaurants. From our cocktail menu and butcher shop to our custom, sustainable farm-to-table menu and 2,500 pound custom smoker we call Cletus, we’ve got a lot to offer our West Seattle neighborhood. 


We think the cooking, the smoking, the cocktailing, and all of the other services we provide are top notch—and we have the reviews to back it up! 


Lady Jaye has raked in great reviews from some of Seattle’s most iconic media sources! We’re proud of this recognition, and thought we’d share a round-up of some of our most exciting reviews. Check out what these seven outlets had to say about Lady Jaye. 

1. Infatuation

Lady Jaye Review

Aimee Rizzo believes Lady Jaye is the BBQ restaurant that Seattle has always deserved. The pimento cheese puffs, pork collar pastrami plate, and smoked bologna sandwich are an innovative and refreshing take on BBQ style meals, and the cocktails are worth the trip to Lady Jaye alone. 

“Lady Jaye is the kind of truly excellent BBQ restaurant that Seattle has always lacked…Even though there are other good BBQ spots in Seattle, there is nowhere that’s doing it quite like Lady Jaye. It’s hard to imagine a time before trying BBQ that tasted like this, and we’re glad we don’t have to anymore. Now, when we look around at our fried bologna, pork collar pastrami, and ancho turkey drumstick, we’ll agree – the gang is indeed all here.”

-Aimee Rizzo, Infatuation Restaurant Critic

2. Seattle Refined

Lady Jaye in West Seattle is Smokin’ Hot, Literally


Gaard Swanson visited Lady Jaye to see how the magic is made. Swanson was particularly impressed by Lady Jaye’s rotating menu, beautifully smoked meat, and the hundred of pounds of mashed potatoes that Lady Jaye goes through every week. 


“You could say Lady Jaye is quite literally smokin’ hot. Out on the back patio sits a custom made smoker; it’s actually an old modified air compressor from a bow and arrow factory — and man, the taste is on target! It’s stuffed with applewood logs and smokes all day.”


– Gaard Swanson, Seattle Refined Writer 

3. Keep it Local (Seattle)

Lady Jaye Highlight


Lady Jaye sources all of their produce and meats locally, which is why their restaurant is highlighted on the Keep it Local directory. 


“Smokehouse and cocktail bar with a southern influence and northwest flair. Meat N’ Three food concept (1 entree/3 sides for $25) with amazing classic cocktails. Patio service or Take-out!”

4. Eater (Seattle)

20 Seattle Area Restaurants with Heated and Covered Patios


Lady Jaye landed At #1 On Eater’s 2022 List Of Essential Seattle Restaurants With Outdoor Dining! 


“One can embrace the restaurant’s theme with a smoked bologna sandwich and smoked old fashioned, while admiring a painted mural that depicts a “Mount Rushmore” of country greats, including Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.”


Jada Yamazaki Stewart, Eater Staff

5. Forbes

Seattle’s Hottest New Barbecue Sandwich is a Real Shocker


Leslie Kelly raves about Lady Jaye’s barbecue bologna sandwich and appreciates how the Lady Jaye team infuses silliness and deliciousness into signature cocktails. 


“Maybe it’s too early to call Lady Jaye’s barbecue bologna sandwich it’s all-time best seller. The restaurant and bar opened in West Seattle just a couple of weeks ago, after all. But the shockingly delicious creation from co-chefs Tyler Palagi and Charlie Garrison has been a big hit so far.”


Leslie Kelly, Forbes Contributor 

6. Mashed

Everything you Need to Know about Seattle BBQ


Lady Jaye is considered a must-stop by Kate Hagan Gallup if you’re looking for delicious and innovative Seattle BBQ. 


“The smoked bologna at Lady Jaye is from the creative minds of co-chefs Tyler Palagi and Charlie Garrison…and this popular sandwich joins other fusion-style entrees on the menu like a pork cheek banh mi, prime bulgogi short rib melt and cornmeal crusted fried prawns.”


Kate Hagan Gallup, mashed Contributor 

7. Seattle Met

Hungry? Here’s Where to Order Takeout and Delivery in Seattle Right Now

During the pandemic, Seattle Met did a round-up of the best takeout and delivery spots by Seattle neighborhood, and of course, Lady Jaye was the first to be featured for West Seattle. 

“Bulgogi short rib melts, smoked bologna sandwiches, and even some non-meaty delights like pimento cheese available online—not to mention fun pantry items and smoky to-go cocktails.” 

Whether you’re a food blogger or just a foodie, you can’t deny that people love Lady Jaye. Come dine with us, order to-go, try our Seattle steak and taste what everyone’s been raving about! We’re open and we’d love to see ya!

Come join us for Happy Hour from 5-4PM Wednesday through Sunday. 


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