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A Day In West Seattle With Lady Jaye: Seattle’s Favorite Butcher Shop As Tour Guide

The weather is finally becoming more amenable here in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s time to come out of your cocoon, and get back to exploring Seattle! Seattle has a ton to offer tourists and locals alike and while we are a bit biased, we believe West Seattle is the ultimate location for a full day of exploring. From the West Seattle Farmers Market to West Seattle restaurants there’s a lot you won’t want to miss. 


Next time you’re planning out your visit to West Seattle, here are five activities and experiences that our Lady Jaye team knows you’ll love. 

1. Snag Top Notch Produce At The West Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Market

No matter when you’re visiting, the West Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Market happens year-round right in the heart of West Seattle!

You can locate this market at California Ave SW & SW Alaska every Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm rain or shine. At the height of the season, you can support upwards of 70 local vendors for Washington-grown food and ingredients!

Forgot to bring your cash? No problem! Vendors accept cash, credit and debit. Whether you want to bus, bike or drive to the market, there are accommodations for all types of commuters, like bike racks and free vehicle parking on Sundays. Plus, the market highlights vendors supporting non-profits, community organizations and musicians. 


2. Explore Alki Beach

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You could spend an entire day at Alki Beach … literally. The beach opens at 4 am and closes at 11:30 pm! The Alki Beach Park is a sandy waterside strip that runs from 64th Place SW to Duwamish Head on Elliott Bay. If you’re looking for some inspiration for how to pass your time, you can catch some sun, reserve a volleyball court, take your boat out on the water, roller skate around or check out the Alki Point Lighthouse.

The Alki Point Lighthouse is a must-see! First lit in 1913, this still fully operational lighthouse is now run by US Coast Guard Auxillarists. If you find yourself in West Seattle on a Sunday, make sure you walk or drive to the lighthouse, because it’s typically open to visitors from 1 to 4 pm.

There’s plenty of parking at Alki Beach Park and the lighthouse. Come to the beach to spend some quality time outdoors. Who knows, you might even walk away with a little more knowledge about lighthouse history. 

3. Imbibe & Dine At Lady Jaye

We might be biased, but when it comes to West Seattle restaurants, you just can’t skip Lady Jaye. We’re open:


  • Wednesdays and Thursdays: 4-9 pm
  • Fridays and Saturdays: 4-9:30 pm
  • Sundays: 2-8 pm

Our meat masters serve up the best locally sourced meat and smoke it in our 2,500 pound smoker. Enjoy a specialty cocktail on our patio as you unwind by our firepit. You might think the fun ends after you pay for your meal, but there’s one more offering you should see before you head out. 


Before you leave, you must check out our West Seattle butcher shop. You’ll find everything you need to make your own delicious meal at home. The rubs we sell in our shop are the same ones we use in our own dishes. Grab a slab of high-quality Wagyu beef on your way out, and bring the taste and quality of your dining experience home!

4. Satiate Your Sweet Tooth At Sweet Nothings and More

If you’ve eaten at Lady Jaye before, you may have had a delicious dessert from Sweet Nothings and More, because sometimes we put our powers together to offer one delicious experience. 


Sweet Nothings and More is a small bakery that you can find at pop-up events on the weekends all over West Seattle. 


Check the Sweet Nothings and More website for more information about where to find them this weekend! We recommend upping your game and pre-ordering one of our favorites like the Ube Coconut Croissant. 


5. End Your Evening Karaoking Yen Wor Village Style

As your day winds down, you might want to check out some of the nightlife that West Seattle has to offer. For perhaps the best Karaoke spot in town, swing by Yen Wor Village


Your friends can munch on Chinese food while they watch you bring the house down with your own rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” or “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. Sing your heart out Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during their special karaoke hours. For the most up-to-date information on Karaoke start-times, check out Yen Wor Village’s Facebook page


Once you spend some time in West Seattle, you’ll want to come back for more—more great food, fun, and Karaoke sets. Use the above destinations to kick-start your West Seattle adventures. You’re bound to have an excellent time!


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